What We Do

Values ​​are the foundation for community living and relating to others. They ​​are the conductor to our daily behavior. Values are part of our identity as people, and guide us to act at home, at school, at work or in any other area of our lives. Although values ​​begin to be molded in the early years of a child and their foundation comes from home, everyone gives a proper sense.  Using values ​​is a personal decision. Everybody determines how to deal with different situations in life. As we already mentioned before that values come from home, here at CIC we emphasize them by providing to our students diverse programs that give positive reinforcements in many different ways.

In Elementary School we have a subject called “Chargers for Character.” It is a class taught once a week and is an interactive program where students participate, ask questions and are able to self-reflect in matters such as friendship, empathy, anti-bulling, making good choices, honesty, community involvement and others.

We also distinguish publicly every other Friday during the Elementary assembly, students that are putting into practice their values. This is the CIC STANDS UP! Nominations where we give colored bands that are divided into five different categories: random act of kindness, acts of inclusion, environmental kindness, standing up against bullying and the character value of the month. This character value of the month supports students promoting the campaign by spreading the message and taking initiatives.

On the other hand we do not stop promoting values in Elementary school but we continue in the Secondary School, especially in Middle School by teaching a subject under the name of “Life Skills.” This is an 82 minute class that the students take once a week from 6th grade up to 8th grade. This course is taught by two counselors and focus on the following main areas of knowledge acquisition: study skills, character education, emotional, sexual and social education and group dynamics. Students have the opportunity to identify, reflect and find solutions to issues which are related to their growing process and which concern them throughout the year.

We understand that facing with the difficult task of educating children might appear doubts and fears in parents as well as teachers. The key to succeed is never to give up and be consistent, since the values ​​are the essence of education.


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